Domestic Swimming Pool Services


At Poolgenix we carry out maintenance and repairs to keep your pool in fantastic condition.

Domestic Swimming Pool Services

Having a swimming pool is an investment that you want to keep functioning for as long as possible, at Poolgenix Ltd we want to help you keep it this way. If pool maintenance is not carried out for long periods it will shorten the life of the components.

Pool liners may become stained, and debris in the water can be at risk of damaging the liner, with tiled pools if the water isn’t chemically balanced for long periods the grout can start to weaken and disappear causing tiles to be exposed underneath and start to lift.

At Poolgenix Ltd we take the hassle out of the pool maintenance for you keeping the pool and filtration clean will help give you more time relaxing in your pool rather than spending hours on the maintenance yourself. With our tailored service packages we will take care of your pool so it is always ready for you and your family to enjoy.

Swimming Pool Water

Swimming pool maintenance is key to the longevity and efficiency of the pool and the equipment. Keeping the pool clean and chemically balanced protects you and your family free from contaminants and pollutants, in turn also helps to avoid costly repairs due to corrosion and other elements that can harm your equipment.

Swimming Pool interior

Whether you have a tiled or liner pool it is important to keep the surfaces clean in order to preserve it’s life. Keeping the surfaces free from algae and debris will keep your pool clean and safe.

Swimming Pool Filtration System

We see the filtration system as the heart of your pool. Without good filtration your pool will suffer the effects of poor water clarity and will only absorb more chemical usage than necessary.

Our Swimming Pool Services

Our standard pool service includes the following:

Netting and vacuuming the pool
Cleaning skimmer baskets
Cleaning the pool pump baskets
Backwashing and rinsing the filter
Adding chemicals* if necessary 
Greasing seals on valves, pump, and filters 
Any faulty parts found will be shown and explained to you, and we will offer you an estimate to repair.

*Chemicals are not included in the service price. We are open to you providing the chemicals or you can ask us to supply the chemicals at extra cost.

Additional Services we offer

Jet washing swimming pool surround to bring your pool area back to life using a pool water-safe solution.
Swimming pool cover clean using a pool cover-safe solution.
Pool filter replacement
Pool filter sand change
Pool light replacements  
Pool pump replacement
Pipework and valve repairs
Adding a pool chlorine tablet feeder
Pump room refurbishment
Ultraviolet system
Pool re-tile
Opening and closing of outdoor pools

For Domestic Swimming Pool Services.
please call us on 07494 769707 or email us

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