At Poolgenix we offer chemical dosing systems as well as a large range of chemical accessories to keep
accurate control of chemicals in swimming pool & spa water.

Chemical Dosing

We can supply only or install and commission the units so you have complete peace of mind.

What is an Automatic Dosing Unit (ADU)?

An automatic dosing unit is used for a variety of indoor or outdoor pools and spas. The system constantly monitors the level of chlorine and pH in the pool and adds the required amounts of chemicals to maintain the pool at the desired levels.

Do I need an automatic dosing unit (ADU) ?

The simple answer for commercial establishments is yes and for private pools is no.
Most commercial swimming pools and spas use ADU’s for various reasons however the main reason is health and safety to the general public or its members.
Using an ADU means that chemicals can be dosed into the pool or spa accurately without the need of a member of staff physically dosing the pool or spa themselves.

As many commercial pools and spas are open early morning till late at night 7 days a week it is not a safe practice to manually dose the pool or spa constantly to keep chemicals balanced this is where the ADU comes into play and does all the dosing itself while the facilities are open.

Having a good reliable ADU is also very important as this will save you spending £££’s extra in chemical usage.

There are many residential pool customers in the UK who like to have an ADU control the chemicals in their pools and spas as it is easier for them to manage.

Many private pool customers like to use a tablet feeder which is less expensive and user friendly however this type of equipment will only dose chlorine into the pool and it will not be as accurate as using an ADU that being said a tablet feeder on a private pool is more than suitable to maintain chlorine levels in the pool.

How does it work?

2 tubes are plumbed into the pipework of the pool or spa filtration system, this creates a flow of water that passes through the flow cell and back into the filtration system of the pool or spa or the return tube can go to a drain. When the water passes through the flow cell the chlorine and PH sensors will detect the chemicals passing through the cell and message the ADU of its readings. Additionally for an ADU to work you will need a dosing pump for each chemical, one for Chlorine and one for Acid.

These pumps are connected to the ADU and will only work when the ADU signals them to dose (depending on readings). The dosing pumps have dosing lines connected to them, these lines are plumbed into the return pipework of the filtration system via chemical injectors. The controller will be set up using ‘Set Points’.

A basic example of this is as follows: Setpoint for Chlorine 2.0ppmSet point for PH 7.2. When the chlorine level drops below 2.0ppm the controller will send a signal to the dosing pump to dose chlorine into the pool or spa until it increases to 2.0ppm. If the chlorine is higher than the set point of 2.0ppm then the controller will not dose until the chlorine level naturally* decreases to 2.0ppm.
When the PH level goes above 7.2 the controller will send a signal to the dosing pump to dose Acid into the pool or spa until it decreases to 7.2. If the PH level is below 7.2 the controller will not dose acid into the pool or spa until the PH level naturally* rises.

*In most cases the chemicals won’t dangerously rise above or fall below set points and can naturally correct themselves however sometimes the chemicals may be that far unbalanced that you will require assistance from Poolgenix to help balance the chemicals especially in commercial premises.

Kuntze Neon-Multi With Cloud Connect

Multi-channel water monitoring system for total chlorine, free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, or hydrogen peroxide measurement

The Krypton® Multi offers precise results in industrial disinfectant applications, e.g. in drinking water plants or food production, thanks to its multi-channel monitoring.

The all-in-one system consists of a measuring device, multiple sensors running simultaneously, a flow fitting, software, and cables. In its basic standard configuration, the Krypton® Multi is equipped with three measurements: Disinfection, pH, and temperature. Additionally, a second disinfection, a redox, and conductivity measurement can be added. There are six digital inputs for external events.

Eight potential-free output relays can be used either as control or alarm relays. The system features a PID controller and 3-point control functions available with or without feedback.
Our modular Argon Stabiflow® fitting is integrated and provides a constant water flow of approx. 30 liters per hour, is brine resistant and approved for pressure up to 6 bar at a temperature of 20 °C.

The Krypton® Multi can be customized to meet your exact measurement and control requirements.

With five analog outputs, our unique Automatic Sensor Cleaning (ASR®) as well as a Modbus RTU unit and a data logger are available as add-on modules.
The measurement system can be digitally controlled and seamlessly integrated into an existing measurement infrastructure via our Cloud Connect® service.
In addition, software updates and add-on modules can be activated at any time after purchase.

Chemical Dosing Accessories

Bund & day tanks

We offer a large range of day and bund tanks all different shapes and sizes suitable for holding Calcium Hypochlorite, Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrochloric acid, and Sodium Bisulphate.

Chemical Dosing Pumps

There are many dosing pumps out there to choose from so we are here to offer you advice on using good quality products that will work well with your chemical controller. We work with a large range of suppliers including Grundfos, LMI, Emec, please contact us if you need any help with any spares for dosing pumps.

At Poolgenix we offer a range of dosing pumps that are compatible with your dosing controller. It is important to note when using a quality chemical controller the dosing pumps are of fantastic quality too.

Hand Transfer Pumps

At Poolgenix we offer hand transfer pumps and electric transfer pumps which are typically used to transfer chemicals from 25 litre drums into day tanks for safe and ease of transferring chemicals. Pumps all come with connectors and hoses ready to use.

Injectors and connector kits

If you’re looking for chemical injectors and connectors we have many types to suit all different makes and models of dosing pumps, so if you’re looking for spares please contact us for any help and advice so we can help you choose the correct parts.

Dosing Tubing and Outer Protector Hose

We have a range of colours and sizes of dosing tubes and outer protector hoses to suit all dosing pumps.
Using colour outer hosing is a fantastic way to visually identify chemicals in your plant room.

We typically use Red for acid lines, Yellow for chlorine lines, and clear for flocculant.
Our injection labels are also colour-coded to match.

Water balance Testing Kits

Using Lovibond and Palintest as our main suppliers these kits offer reliable and accurate water balance testing.

We offer digital and manual test kits suitable for our commercial and residential clients.

Pentair Rainbow 320 Inline Chlorine Tablet Feeder

Instead of using an ADU this is ideal for private pools and spas.
If you struggle to maintain your chlorine level or would just like an easier option for sanitising your pool water this chemical feeder will benefit you.

This feeder will need plumbing into the return pipework back to the pool and automatically feeds the appropriate level of chlorine or bromine into the water.

There is a valve/dial on the top that you adjust to control the chemical feed into the pool which is dependant on the pool size.

All you need to do is check your water chemistry and fill up the feeder. The transparent sides allow you to see the level so you can see when it requires topping up.

Are you looking for a reliable Automatic Dosing Unit?
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At Poolgenix we specialise in automatic chemical dosing equipment.
Working with Kuntze, Bayrol, Evoqua and Pentair to name a few we can help keep your pool and spa water crystal clear.

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