Balance Tank cleaning


We offer full balance tank cleans as well as checking all the fixtures and fittings inside the tank.

Balance Tank Cleaning

We recommend that swimming pool balance tanks are drained down and cleaned at least once a year and spas at least twice per year.

What is a Balance Tank?

The balance tank itself is a separate concrete or fiberglass tank often found underground at the end or side of the pool/spa, sometimes the tanks are located in the plant room depending on the design.

How does it work?

A balance tank is designed for ‘infinity’ or ‘overflow’ pools and spas, they are needed to keep the pool/spa water levels overflowing into the channels surrounding the pool/spa, the water is then circulated from the tank back into the pool/spa giving you the ‘infinity’ design.

Why does it need cleaning?

Over time contaminants and debris hold inside the tank walls, floors and fittings therefore it is very important that the tanks are thoroughly cleaned to keep harmful bacteria from developing to harmful levels inside the tanks.

Top Tip!

Keeping balance tanks clean can also help keep chemical usage down as the more build-up of bacteria inside the tank the more chemicals will be needed to be dosed into the pool/spa.

All Poolgenix Engineers are confined space trained to give you the reassurance that all work carried out by Poolgenix is carried out in line with health and safety regulations.

We will provide a balance tank certificate so that you can keep it for your records to remind you when the next clean is due so your tank will always be kept in fantastic condition.

some of the refurbishment works
we carry out here at Poolgenix.

Replacement Circulation Pumps
Chemical Dosing Upgrades
Plant Room Upgrades
Heat Pump Installations
Leak Detection And Pipework Repairs

regarding your balance tank please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss how we can help.
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